Geocaching in Tucson : desert mistletoe

GC68NP0 is titled Desert Mistletoe (aka Mesquite Mistletoe or Phoradendron californicum) so I thought no problem. It’s a bison tube near some mistletoe. How difficult can that be?

Throw some salt over your shoulder quick. If you think it’s going to be a breeze, well,the problem was several mesquite crowded fairly close together. All of them had mistletoe. The mistletoe looked like giant demented nests dropped into the tree by a roc. And look at those scratchy branches.

It was starting to get darker because storm clouds were starting to sweep in. Tammy and I stared up into the branches and down towards the trunk looking for that familiar glint of the bison tube. Tammy’s phone is always better with the gps so she picks the tree.  Oh, yeah, Found it!

Careful to move between the scratchy branches grabbing onto my hair. I swear the tree used to work for the Wicked Witch of Oz and retired to Arizona after she melted. It sure did not want to give up that logbook. Ha! signed it.


(Note on the tree: This is not a picture of the tree with the bison tube although it was next to it.   Don’t want to give any spoilers away)

Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz although I’ve added a little more text here. Affiliate disclosures on the bottom.

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