10 Cool Geocaching T-shirts series Part 2 : Amazon

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This is part 2 in my project of find Cool Geocaching T-shirts.  Geocaching T-shirts, you ask?  It’s a fun new hobby I’ve started doing this year.  All the fun of a search and find game in real life — plus you’re burning calories. And you’re finding tiny little tubes with instructions from satellites — reminds me of the old spy movies. What’s not to love?

Today I am visiting Amazon.  I am an Amazon affiliate (who isn’t?) and will get a small fee if you buy something from one of these links. It doesn’t affect your price at all.  Over the next month, I will be visiting  other sites like Design by Humans, TeePublic, RedBubble and a lot of others to check out more.  With so many artists uploading their designs to POD sites, I am looking for fun, cool and/or humorous Geocaching T-shirts. I expect each site I visit will likely have their own zeitgeist so the shirts will be different. Amazon seems to be more text based.

Note: they are no longer in order of coolest. Because Amazon delists shirts that haven’t sold within 180 days, I am replacing the delisted with a listed shirt in the same spot.

  1.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : Caught between a rock and a hard place.  Found it!

Found it! series 1 geocaching t-shirt

2. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Geocaching Dab to the Bone

New Dab to the Bone Geocaching Lovers gifts t-shirts Idea

3. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Strongest Grandmas go Geocaching

Womens Sweat Dries Blood Clots Strongest Grandmas Geocaching Shirt

4. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Geocaching

GeoCache Geocaching t-shirt

5. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Will hike for cache

Funny Geocache Will Hike For Cache T Shirt

6.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : If a Tree falls in the woods, does it turn a 5/5 into a 1/1?

Geocaching T Shirt – Funny Geocaching Cool T Shirts Design Hoodie (M,Forest)

7. Cool Geocache T-shirt :Yes I have a Retirement Plan I’ll be Geocaching

Yes I Have A Retirement Plan I’ll Be Geocaching T-Shirt

8. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Never mess with a Geocacher, we know the best places to hide a body

Geocaching Premium Shirt Never Mess With Geocacher Men Women

9. Cool Geocache T-shirt : The same designer did several cute ones

geocaching shirts

geocaching shirts

geocaching shirts

geocaching shirts

10. Cool Geocache T-shirt : I have OCD: Obsessive Caching Disorder

I Have OCD Obsessive Caching Disorder T Shirt 21498

A few more cool geocaching shirts

Because MerchAmazon delists shirts that haven’t sold after 180 days, several geocaching shirts fell off the list. So I searched Amazon again for geocaching shirts.  I am stashing a few extra cool shirts here so the next time something falls off, I can swap it into the vacated spots. So enjoy the bonus cool shirts.

Rock Paper Nothing Beats Geocaching T-Shirt

Geocacher GPS Geocaching Treasure Hunting Sweatshirt

Geocacher Gift Eat Sleep Geocaching Repeat Tank Top

Geocaching Its A Post Apocalyptic Survival Skill Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Some notes on these shirts: Amazon is a toughie as far as POD sites as they have their Merch Amazon program where artists can upload their images to print on t-shirts through Amazon.  However, Amazon is also a huge marketplace where anybody can sell anything and there is no good way to tease out the Merch Amazon participants from the other t-shirt vendors.  I would like to be able to target the Merch Amazon folks as I think they will have shirts that are more unique.  With Amazon, I found myself battling with their search engine — it’s based on popularity, price and date.  Oh and of course, search terms.  So I found a lot of text -based shirts and very few art-based shirts.  It’s not to say the art isn’t there — after all, my own geocaching t-shirt didn’t appear in their geocaching search even though the title includes “geocaching t-shirt” when I had it under my store name “Cactus Dreams” even though I looked through all 70+ pages of search results.  However, now that I put it under “Geocaching Cactus” instead, it shows up on the 5th page.   So the name of the store makes a big difference.   Interestingly enough when it was under “Cactus Dreams”, I could find the shirt on Google linking to Amazon when I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

So having said that.  I’ll keep looking on Amazon for the more artistic shirts and will continue to update these shirts with more original artwork when I find them.

Another problem is shirts disappears.  If you don’t sell at least one shirt within 180 days, that design on that style of shirt will be removed by Amazon.  180 days sounds like a lot but arty people who are designing new stuff may not be as good at marketing.  With Amazon not prioritizing shirts that aren’t selling in their search engine, you have a double whammy going. Add that to Geocaching is a niche market and it’s not as easy as it sounds.  I am seeing some cool shirts disappear after 6 months.

so to remember them in case they pop back up (people will relist designs after Amazon removes them but it gets a new number), these have disappeared

  • Looking for Cache in All the Wrong Places
  • Stash, Don’t Trash, Geocache
  • If there’s no Geocaches, I’m not going
  • I lost the car but I found the cache (other ones have popped up but not as cool)


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