10 Cool Geocaching T-shirts series Part 1 : Zazzle


10 Cool Geocaching T-shirt series Part 1 : Zazzle

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I am researching Cool Geocaching T-shirts.  Since I am an affiliate for Zazzle, today I am starting with them.  Affiliates earn a small commission if you click a link and buy something but it doesn’t effect your prices. Over the next week, I will be visiting  other sites like Design by Humans, TeePublic, RedBubble and a lot of others to check out more.  With so many artists uploading their designs to POD sites, I am looking for fun, cool and/or humorous Geocaching T-shirts. I expect each site I visit will likely have their own zeitgeist so the shirts will be different. Geocaching T-shirts, you ask?  It’s a fun new thing I’ve started doing this year and I’ve begun designing my own line. This week I uploaded my first geocache design to Merch Amazon.

I enjoyed the cool geocaching t-shirts on Zazzle.  As with other POD sites, artists upload their designs and Zazzle displays a wide variety of designs.  The fun thing with Zazzle is that they also have a wide variety of styles of shirts.    So with each design, I’ll show the t-shirt and then I’ll show some other type of shirt for fun. Prices vary a lot according to style.  Shipping varies.  Zazzle does have a Black Zazzle program which for $9.95 a year gives you free shipping for anything you order from Zazzle.  Black Zazzle does have a 30-day free trial if you would like to try it out.


  1.  Cool Geocache T-shirt :  If you hide it, they will come.  The circle and X is filled in with camoflage so the shirt does better on a light background(April 2019 note: this one is no longer on Zazzle so I will have to look around for a replacement shirt.) 
  2.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : Geocaching DNF – Encouragement 2 T-Shirt

Hurry up! We’ve got more Caching to do!
Geocaching Rule #19
Always encourage your fellow cachers


 3. Cool Geocache T-shirt : geocacher satellite usage T-Shirt

I use a multi-billion cellular satellite system to find little boxes in the woods.


4.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : GeoCacher T-Shirt


 5. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Lamp Post Inspection Team T-Shirt


6.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : Geocaching – Look Inconspicuous T-Shirt

Nothing to see here.  Just tying my shoe.
Geocaching Rule #5
Try to look inconspicuous


7. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Weekend Forecast Geocaching T-Shirt

Weekend Forecast
Geocaching with no chance of house cleaning or cooking


8.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : Never mess with A Geocacher T-Shirt

Never mess with a geocacher. We know all the best places to hide a body …

(April 2019 note: this one is no longer on Zazzle so I will have to look around for a replacement shirt.)


9.  Cool Geocache T-shirt : Looking for Cache in all the wrong places T-Shirt

10. Cool Geocache T-shirt : Geo Cache me if you can T-Shirt


Hope you had fun with these.  Logging out.

Other Geocaching Gift Ideas

Dance of the Drunken Bee Mug

Dance of the Drunken Bee Mug
by bludoggedesign
other side text: “The erratic movement of a geocacher while trying to find ground zero using the arrow on a GPS.”

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