Firefighter Trackable in Galapagos

My First Geocache Trackable travels

Do you remember back in November, I gave my first trackable, a firefighter TB8EJFD with the mission: Galapagos Islands?

(Note: since I didn’t travel with the trackable, all images are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons or Unsplash)

Galapagos Island

brown and black bearded dragon on rock formation, Floreana Island (Galapagos Islands), Ecuador photo by Roi Dimor, via Unsplash

My travel bug started off in Arizona and with the help of tugies on December 18, 2017, it arrived at Galapagos Islands, the Island of Baltra in a little town of Puerto Ayora, down the street from the Charles Darwin Research Station. With the Galapagos National Park nearby, Puerto Ayora is the center of Galapagos conservation work. A short walk to the bay and you can photograph the gigantic galapagos turtoise, galapagos crabs, iguanas and maybe see a reef shark.

Then January 14, 2019, mandorg picked it up on their geocaching travels. mandorg was kind enough to share a firefighter story of how a firefighter helped mandorg. So cool.


coastal rocks during daytime. Galapagos Island photo by Ruud Luijten, via Unsplash

Skip to January 21st, my firefighter trackable landed in Ecuador, logged in passing through a cache where a family had a “yummy” dinner.

Now it’s time to give the trackable a second mission. I thought of a coffee plantation because I love coffee or maybe something ancient like Stonehenge or burial mounds. Burial mounds remind me of Lord of the Rings and wights. I can’t make up my mind so the new mission is

New Mission : A coffee plantation or Stonehenge or a Native American burial mound. I am having a hard time making up my mind on the 2nd mission.

Meantime, wherever it goes is cool.


One of many Newel posts depicting a small animal of the area at Timberline Lodge. Front entrance. Photo by EncMstr, via Wikimedia Commons


February 2,2019, It jumped all the way from Ecuador to Wisconsin flying 3,133 miles to Grand Chute. Interestingly, Grand Chute, WI has two ghosttowns within it’s borders : Grand Chute (I guess the original one) and Lawesburg).


In April it started traveling, first  on the 15th near a power plant near Highway 94, not too far from Monticello, Minnesota.

North Dakota

Then across the border on the same day to a travel bug motel in West Fargo, North Dakota.


April 23rd, my firefighter trackable made a big leap to Aloha, Oregon. From there, it’s been hopping around the state, visiting a new place every few days. Portland on the 30th, then climbed up to an elevation of 6000 ft in Pine Grove to visit the historical Timberline Lodge built by WPA workers in 1936-37.  The lodge is constructed from local stone and timber with WPA craftsmen  making the wrought iron, furniture and carvings. Skiers, hikers and nature lovers still use the lodge. From there the travel bug visited a library in Hood River on May 16th.

11,321 miles

Currently the trackable has traveled 11,321 miles. How cool is that?

I wonder where it will go next?

Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz on January 25th although it’s traveled a lot more since then so the post is a lot longer with more pics. Affiliate disclosures on the bottom.


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