Geocaching in Tucson : Aftermath

After hours of tromping through the desert, looking for critter caches, there is one more task that I have to do. Pull the long [email protected]!&%! cacti thorns out of my shoes. Those things hurt!

I actually found a sliver of glass too. Where did that come from? I hate when people leave garbage like that in the desert. It could’ve ended up in a rabbit’s paw. That’s just mean.

Then there’s the prickles I have to remove from my vest and sweater. Must have gotten that from scooting under the barbed wire fence. Uh, yeah, about that. What was I supposed to do? The cache was on the other side!

But we found all the caches we meant to find and got a few photos too. I’m tired, my shoes have thorns but I had fun. It was a good day of geocaching.

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