Geocaching in Tucson: daylight moon

daylight moon, photograph by M. LaFreniere, GeocachingCactusLeaving Desert Critters geocache #4, walking to #8

The desert has it’s own stark beauty. You do have to be careful, watching your feet and body so that you don’t walk into cacti, step on thorns as sharp as nails, carry plenty of water and other hazards.

But look up! the land is so flat, the clear blue sky humongous. Today a daylight moon made an appearance. It felt like the ocotillo was reaching up to say hello.

Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz . Sometimes I’ve added a little more text here in the blog. Affiliate disclosures on the bottom.

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You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon like I did today with “moon”. A moon lamp popped up with the moon’s surface — very cool. Sighs, My 300mm lens is heavy so I don’t take it geocaching with me most of the time but I really regretted not doing it today. I’d love to have shot a closer photo of the daylight moon. Like this moon. Well, they probably used a telescope but you know what I mean.

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