Geocaching in Tucson : picked up some trackables

I went to a geocaching event last night where people exchange trackables and hangout together. I dropped off my firefighter trackable TB8EJFD Mission: Galapagos Islands.. Turns out someone there, Tugies, is actually going to Galapagos so she picked it up. I think this is going to be the shortest mission ever.

I picked up a few trackables from other people:

  • TS_Steampunk Shark Geocoin from Team Silver in New Mexico. Goal : Don’t keep it, keep moving to the next cache.
  • Schlumpfine from esiem32 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Goal : Journey through the world. Add photos of the journey to the trackables gallery
  • Raven Geocoin from Tusmite in Arizona. Goal : Go around the world meeting interesting people and seeing great places

So I need to find some caches big enough to hold these. So we’ll see where they’ll go. With the little blue girl, I’ll photograph her around Tucson for her German owner so she can see where she is and then send her on her way.

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